How To Leverage The Durbar Festival To Boost Brand Awareness In Northern Nigeria

  A loud reverberating sound nearly sent my heart running to my anus. This was followed by a serenade of gay sounds from a thousand Talking drums weaving through the tunes emanating from the Kakaki, Jembe and the Algaita. As flamboyantly dressed musicians played on, it was as if they were possessed by the heavenly beings. The musical instruments spoke different language yet the harmony and chemistry they produced together was indescribable. There was joy and unbridled excitement in the […]


Are you hoping to obtain soft business loan for your existing or start-up businesses? Have you explored the possibility of getting fund at a relatively low interest rate than our commercial banks offer?Bank of Industry have highlighted the under-listed businesses as part of the cluster under which their financial products are built. If your type of business is not listed, do not get discouraged as non-listed businesses have to put up a strong case on why their businesses have to […]