Nice customers can run you out of business slowly but steadily. They are so nice, they never complain when they get bad service. They don’t come back with that wrong product you swore to them was the right one or the one that didn’t fit.

The other day, you took them to the cleaner, they quietly paid and walked away and you were happy. You made them come back for that job severally because your wive’s mother put to bed and you have to help her rock the baby…they replied “no problem!” and went away.

You did not bother calling to inform them that the supply will be later than agreed and one of your staff were even a bit rude on the phone. They didn’t kick,make scene, criticize, complain or throw tantrum and you think all is cool, right? WRONG!

They are like me when I told a Tailor in 2001 after several disappointments that I will never bring clothes to him again and he said “don’t worry, by the time I finish this one you go come. Na so dem deh talk, but dem go still come back.” Needless to say, that was the last time I gave him my cloth but I still greet him warmly each time I pass his business place.

I use to know a man who will harangue his customers for more money during negotiations that even after we both know he will make more than make 50% profit by the amount offered by the customer. Of course, the customer pays but your guess is as good as mine. They don’t come back.

On the average, most businesses hear from only 4% of their dissatisfied customer (who by the way are your best friends given that 8 out of 10complaining customer usually repeat purchase if you resolve the complain to their favor on the spot.)

On the other hand, 96% of dissatisfied customers quietly walk way and 91% will never come back. You will typically spend 6 times more resources replacing each lost customer with a new one.

Seeing we have so much number of witnesses, WHAT MANNER OF BUSINESS MANAGERS AND CEOs ought we to be?

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