While undergoing his National Diploma, Idigo was also working as office sales person with administrative oversight for a small furnishing and interior decoration outfit.

One day, an artist asked if Idigo’s organization can help sell his paintings at its furniture gallery. Idigo tried to sell the #idea to his Boss but he objected to adding wall paintings to their official product line.

Idigo was convinced it was a good opportunity aside the fact it could help improve the décor of their gallery.

Few days later, Idigo went back to ask his Boss if he can allow him display the painting in their business premises as a personal side runs. The Boss who valued Idigo quite much agreed on the condition it doesn’t serve as a distraction to Indigo.

Idigo was very happy with the turn of events!

Not long from then, Idigo had about four other visual artists supplying him painting and other artworks without his having to drop a dime as advancement. Business was good and Idigo was clearly enjoying better financial stability as a result.

Sometimes later, someone who Idigo does not know (and still does not know till date) recommended him to another business person who specialized in importation of foreign art works and other items.

The importer, Anigato, first gave Idigo a few art works to sell as a trial. After selling the same and returning his money, Anigato brought Idigo well over 5 dozens of more artwork.

The cycle continued.

When Anigato was about to relocate to Abuja, he took Idigo to his warehouse and handed over to him his remnant stocks.

Indigo sold off those goods over a couple of months and remitted all that was due to Anigato.

Through this side gig, Idigo was able to pay his house rent for two years as well as paid his 2nd year tuition at school.

That was well over 17 years ago when mobile phone was a prestige thing for only few person in Nigeria.

As I write this, Anigato and Idigo have reconnected by a stroke of chance and a major business partnership is about to be rolled out by the two men together. Anigato has a deep pocket though not quite schooled. Idigo only bring his education, managerial experience garnered over a few years of working after graduation, and more importantly his integrity.

Why do I narrate this story?

To buttresses how business or personal #integrity can open doors for anyone in today’s world where people no longer seem to care of their reputation.

The business world is in dire need of people with impeccable character.

I found that people will only play ball with you if they can trust you. In the same vein, they will shut doors on you if they find you wanting in faithfulness.

In looking for people to do business with, look for relevant skills, resourcefulness, boundless energy and above all integrity. If you find all and can’t see the last, please, run for your life.

You really don’t need to be a saint to be a faithful business person. As someone who had dealt with several of distributors, I can tell you a good number of these dealers receive goods running into several millions as credit facilities. Those of them who are faithful enjoy unimaginable business goodwill and recommendations. As a result, they keep expanding and growing. In the few couple of years I have dealt in the trade, I also found that the unfaithful once are up today and flat on their face the next day.

You may just be some honest dealing away from changing your life like Idigo experienced.

I am deliberately not going to list lessons from the above. You tell us in the comment section.

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