The Islamic month of Ramadan has come and gone, but you can be sure that it is not every sales organization that took full advantage.

A few did and one of them is….?

Well, they are one of the biggest dairy brands in Nigeria! Guess what?

We ran the show in Kano and delivered a whopping 109% of the target for their RAMADAN SHOPPERS PROMO.

We took the product street to street, focusing on high people traffic areas. Of course, we pride ourselves in knowing these enclaves as far as Northern Nigeria is concerned. Also because our people love what they do and are good at it, we were able to reach a total of 10, 831 buying consumers. This is not mentioning the brand exposure!


Just as it is in the world of finance, “the rich grow richer, the poor grow poorer”, there are behaviors and mindsets that keeps this trend thus. The big brand became big and will keep growing big because what they know and do that the others ignore. In some organizations, it is almost criminal to leave such a major annual event unplanned for. The marketing or brand development department are expected to come up with a program well ahead of time, with the appropriate budget and milestones.

Don’t you worry, however, opportunities doesn’t come but once!

Activationplus can actually help you create opportunities. In fact, that is what we live by. We help manufacturers and distributors alike create as well as take advantage of brand-and-sales enhancing opportunities.

We also offer market development services for New Products that are seeking to make en-route into Northern Nigeria markets.

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